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  1. nick: wedek, Last? (He is changing names) steamURL: steam ID: STEAM_1:0:433315688 reason: wh and bunny hop script time and maps: I think 14:30-15:30(awp_fortlego,awp_lego_2, awp_lego2tower) There is more maps but nvm describe: He have strange movement, very strange, always zooming on head distance, much of time he hold zoom on place when enemy is not then make a fast move and try to prefire enemy. There is also bunny hop hacks which we can see on awp_lego2tower map on warmup and in first rounds
  2. I set on max, but still some songs we cant hear
  3. It happens that most of time that most of songs are not heard. I asked others and they confirmed its happening to everyone... Sometimes I hear songs but with very silent volume, sometimes is normal, but most of time songs are bugged and we cant hear them(but in chat we can see what song we must hear)
  4. @Dante @Dzagu I saw this player today again in server, I will be grateful if you guys check demo quicker. Thanks 👍
  5. I told yesterday already about game hours missing, I thought that guy had fingers in that Anyways, dont be surprised if game really dies
  6. Nick: obcgnmi Time: I think 21:45-21:55 Map: awp_india_se (I come at last few rounds) and awp_lego_2013 Reason: wh steamURL: SteamID: I cant found his ID,I tryied on steam ID finder site but my every try ends with "The specified profile could not be found" on his profile i see only artwork showcase and comments... Strange STEAM_1:1:181929082 //Dante -> next time use "advanced search" Reason: My opinion is that this person watch thought the wall and always know where enemy will come. Id like you guys to check him.
  7. congratulation @Comfti, I hope you will still coming to AWP
  8. GJ 😎
  9. 0:55-1:10 4:25-4:40 0:57-1:12
  10. Nicks of banned accounts: "L6" i "Why Im so good" Steam ID-s: STEAM_1:0:82744282 STEAM_1:1:184696653 Steam URL-s: Admins who banned: Dante and zubar Reason for both: reklama czitów(cheat advertising) Length: perm I was playing from my second account "why im so good". I admit that sometimes i was typing in chat, I thought it was joke, but rules are rules. I will not make any excuses . Im admiting that Iam guilty, very stupid joke and event. Honestly I didnt know that I will got ban on main "L6" too. I can say only that Im sorry and I can only ask for forgiveness because Im really sorry, but now is too late for complain. I will understand if @Dante make "odrzucone". If happen that I got ubs I will keep playing this server every day like always, make fun and yes, I will still informing admins about server or help with hackers. If not, I will say that was nice to be part of this server from middle summer to now, I feel a big honor for being top1 much times. This server gave me huge motivation. P.S I will not reply or defend myself, because I already admited im guilty.
  11. Enzo you are king for me. Sad cuz you leaving like this
  12. I pushed him to apply, I dont even need to type +/-... only rank,but that will not be a problem. @Dante you saw what happen just before? I havent any admin acces to ban 2-3 cheaters and mute few kids micro+16. @Enzo is man with expirience,man who will surely help with this. I also catched him in server when there is no @ZubaR1337 @kamil2115 or @Majdanek... I dare to say that his activity is almost like my...Do it dante, at least for benefits for server.Hes also funny and Im sure he will be best admin of AWP server,also better than me xD. He always talks, many times joke and making fun. Im also knows a man who every time reporting situation about server,and I promise I will bother this guy with it xD, not you dante anymore TAK SISU TI JEBEM!!!
  13. -regulamin -weak activity I dont have any + for him but I remember him from old times. My opinion is to give him "ultimatum" for example if he gets 20 hours in next 2 weeks, Then Dante you can give him probny admin. I know rule is only 5 per week, but server needs more than that, someone who will care enough.
  14. +He have at least 5 hours per week (like rules wants) +speaks on micro +there is no one gag,mute,ban +polish -sometimes gets upset and spams This guy deserves a chance for probny admin YES from me
  15. why not? + good activity + always talking + never angry + polish xD + it will be useful if server owns at least one funny admin like this bastard YES MY FRIEND