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  1. 1. Rammstein - Du Hast (Official Video) 2. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit 3. Blur-Song 2 4. Dwin - LaLaLaLaLa (Palanga Beach Edit) 5. Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl 6. Lucky Charmes - What's Up!? 7. Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby 8. Weird russian singer - Chum Drum Bedrum 9. Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Official Music Video) 10.LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock 11. Pantera - Cowboys From Hell (Official Video) 12. Olly Murs - Heart Skips a Beat ft. Chiddy Bang 13. Bon Jovi - It's My Life 14. Kygo - Firestone ft. Conrad Sewell 15. Dubioza Kolektiv-Blam Blam 16. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) (Official Music Video) 17. Avicii - Levels 18. Martin Garrix - Animals (Official Video) 19. Martin Garrix & Brooks - Byte 20. The Wanted - Glad You Came @Dzagu If you are not interested in this songs, tell me and I can make another post with different songs
  2. dante

    @Enzo Im not the guy who started this. I just want @Dante_PL to stop acting like little kid. If he keeps doing problems I will not stop until he gets what he deserves.
  3. dante

    @Dante_PL L666 is really not my name, its somebody who wants me to get punished. And second, I talket to dzagu a little bit, it seems im buying vip soon and everything will be ok. But its not 100%, he didnt confirm still
  4. dante

    And i didnt insult you dont lie
  5. dante

    Nah i dont have big thinking about me.... its you and always was you. Stop it bro and good night
  6. dante

    「кamil」I agree
  7. dante

    What the hell is this guy talks? XD i cant hold my laugh anymore.... this is ridiculous
  8. dante

    We have seen enough from you. You got the admin permission and that dont gives you a right to do whatever you wants...Stop to embarrasing yourself. I just want you to leave me alone and I want to play normal like very other person.... And what if i like to be top 1? what you gonna do about that? is that breaking rules?
  9. Nickname of reported admin: Dante Date of this application: 25.12.2017 My nickname: L6 Reasons: Current admin @Dante_PL had a lot of bad history while been admin.He always stabing me in awp server by this steps: slap,gag,mute,kick and at the end ban for his personal reasons which dont have any reasons to be punished. 90% players of this server doing the same like me, sometimes going to the tower(90% of maps and about tower),sometimes little peaking from the middle.What i want to say? I want to say that he always do same to me,but never to any other players.I never seen him doing same to other players while they doing same like me or sometimes much,much worse.He want to show me who is the boss and I know that he is one of the bosses, but he cant always do same to me and disturb me or any other players(my witnesses).His plan was to ban me a long time earlier than today,when he was still normal user in server, when he came playing on this server, I cleary remember it was on end of summer 2017 year.He was really toxic and once he told me that if he ever gets admin that he is going to ban me,and seriously this show is happening. I was already report him to server boss @ImSadzon sometimes to owner @Dzagu, but obviously they dont want to believe.Yesterday I saw that @Dante_PL have a birthday and I was going to make a joke for good morning. But he use it against me and now i got 30 day of ban for nothing.Lets go back on camp conversation again.Nobody in server didnt complain about my playstyle(I just mute everyone and listen songs while playing-literally best way to chill for me)then he came to server and starts to bother me with admin commands when is really not necessary,when I was playing my best and try some clutches,but he want me to die.There are many other reason against @Dante_PL and i have my witnesses and they can prove that he bother me while we was in server.Also @Dante_PL is very angry while he plays against me and 1time he told me that he is getting mad after I kill him.30 day ban from yesterday is clearly proving that he had and still have something against me, because i never did any crime in server or anything.Much of users are my friends on steam and nobody of them wont say im toxic. I couldnt be toxic because I almost never talk on mic.Everything what I do is writing "ns" or "gg".Im calling the owner or server opiekun to unban me and react on this application and unadmin @Dante_PLto stop this injustice and making this damage to me, server and other players.
  10. @Dante_PL everything what you writed in this report is not true... you just wants to show to others that you doing something, but i know some players which hate you a lot because this... so please stop this show and chill, its chrismass and lets celebrate it on normal way out of game and fighting
  11. @Dante_PL about this message about your birthday. Probably was a bad joke but anyways Im sorry if that hurts you.
  12. @Dante_PL You need to calm down your feelings, you know that i was just joking at all... Second, in your report I can see many lies about me... Kaczak insulted me first (noob,kurwa,bot,idiot, shit L6). Second, @Dante_PL you always sabotage me when im playing in server(slapped, kicked,gagged,banned etc.) For you Im not equal like other users in server. And the third the only one who is always angry is you, and you sended me that i have picture. If you are going to show my real name to everyone here, thats a seriously crime and im ready to report you to someone bigger. I didnt tell your real name to nobody.At the end, Im pretty sure that you tell to @Ewel and @Doozleł to agree with you, because I never seen them in server or anywhere.
  13. @Dante_PL Anyways, your plan was to ban me long time ago, so do it Im ok.
  14. Do not worry @Dante_PL , I'm not playing with that. If get admin,the only one thing that I will do is protecting server from cheaters. In my shift,they will not be able to breathe either... And also I can spectate from second account also with a different name and fool them there is no admin on server.
  15. <Nick> "L6" <Age> "17" <steamID> STEAM_0:0:82744282 <E-mail> "ThCROL6@gmail.com" <Playtime> "I'm playing on AWP server every day 3 hours minimum...sometimes all day." <Number of hours> "I don't know how much exactly,but I know it is surely more than 150 hours" <Knowledge of the rules> "10/10" <Admin history expirience> "When i was 13,I was admin in server called D54.EU. Games are Team Fortress 2, No More Room In Hell, Insurgency, CSGO... and ended when I was 15. <Why me?> "Primary,I decided to be admin because that AWP server made me even better AWP player.Second, I met a lot of friends who respects me as a person.Third, I found many cheaters in game when admins was offline.... but I also report them to admins who was online in that moment. I wanna say that I'm trying to help and protect server from cheaters and their "landing" on server...The most important rule for me is to keep fun in server!"