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Wyświetlanie wyników dla tagów 'unadmin' .

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Znaleziono 1 wynik

  1. Nickname of reported admin: Dante Date of this application: 25.12.2017 My nickname: L6 Reasons: Current admin @Dante_PL had a lot of bad history while been admin.He always stabing me in awp server by this steps: slap,gag,mute,kick and at the end ban for his personal reasons which dont have any reasons to be punished. 90% players of this server doing the same like me, sometimes going to the tower(90% of maps and about tower),sometimes little peaking from the middle.What i want to say? I want to say that he always do same to me,but never to any other players.I never seen him doing same to other players while they doing same like me or sometimes much,much worse.He want to show me who is the boss and I know that he is one of the bosses, but he cant always do same to me and disturb me or any other players(my witnesses).His plan was to ban me a long time earlier than today,when he was still normal user in server, when he came playing on this server, I cleary remember it was on end of summer 2017 year.He was really toxic and once he told me that if he ever gets admin that he is going to ban me,and seriously this show is happening. I was already report him to server boss @ImSadzon sometimes to owner @Dzagu, but obviously they dont want to believe.Yesterday I saw that @Dante_PL have a birthday and I was going to make a joke for good morning. But he use it against me and now i got 30 day of ban for nothing.Lets go back on camp conversation again.Nobody in server didnt complain about my playstyle(I just mute everyone and listen songs while playing-literally best way to chill for me)then he came to server and starts to bother me with admin commands when is really not necessary,when I was playing my best and try some clutches,but he want me to die.There are many other reason against @Dante_PL and i have my witnesses and they can prove that he bother me while we was in server.Also @Dante_PL is very angry while he plays against me and 1time he told me that he is getting mad after I kill him.30 day ban from yesterday is clearly proving that he had and still have something against me, because i never did any crime in server or anything.Much of users are my friends on steam and nobody of them wont say im toxic. I couldnt be toxic because I almost never talk on mic.Everything what I do is writing "ns" or "gg".Im calling the owner or server opiekun to unban me and react on this application and unadmin @Dante_PLto stop this injustice and making this damage to me, server and other players.