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[RSS Pluginy] [CS:S/CS:GO] CT Bans Max Bans

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CT Bans - Max Bans

A new admin command !tctban <player> <time> <optional: reason> is created to allow admins to give a limited timed CT Ban. If admins cannot be trusted to dispense permanent CT Bans then this command will allow them to still take the minimum action needed to remove a rule-breaker from the CT team. The default admin flag for !ctban is ADMFLAG_SLAY and the default for !tctban is ADMFLAG_CHAT. These can be changed using Admin Overrides:

You can configure the maximum ban length (in minutes) with the convar:
  • sm_ctban_maxbans_time
The default is 120 minutes.

Custom CT Bans Reasons (configs/ctban_reasons.ini) will appear in the Reason menu, if provided.

Custom CT Bans Lengths (configs/ctban_times.ini) will appear in the Time menu, if provided.
Note: Ban lengths that exceed the sm_ctban_maxbans_time convar will not be available as menu options.

This plugin requires the CT Bans plugin, include (for compiling), and translation phrases file to be installed on the server.

Attached Files sp.gifGet Plugin or Get Source (ctban_maxbans.sp - 12.4 KB) smx.gifctban_maxbans.smx (10.6 KB)

Pełny artykuł: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301052&goto=newpost

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