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[RSS Pluginy] [CSGO] Ramp slope fix (from Momentum Mod)

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Ramp slope fix
Prevent players from stopping dead on (most?) ramps.

Slope movement
The Momentum Mod team claims to have fixed players having their velocity reset on slopes like surf ramps. User fatalis opened an issue on their GitHub repository describing his testings which would eventually be merged into the game.

SM9 asked for ways to port it to CSGO in IRC the other day, so here we go.

The plugin does exactly the same as the sv_ramp_fix ConVar in Momentum Mod, removing the code to reset player velocity when the game thinks they're inside a wall or suddently move in the opposite direction.
PHP Code:
The only significant difference in CSGO is client prediction. The patch is only performed on the server, so clients will still predict getting stuck but continue on when they notice the server has a different opinion.

View punch
The CGameMovement::TryPlayerMove function checks if the player was slowed down significantly and simulates slamming into a wall with some effects on the client - including a huge view punch shaking the camera.

The plugin optionally is using DHooks to hook and block CGameMovement::PlayerRoughLandingEffects. The problem in CSGO is again that the view punch code is in the client as well, so it'll predict a view punch again, but reset shortly after. (Momentum Mod added a convar and moved it all to the server side)

  • Upload ramp_slope_fix.games.txt into your gamedata folder.
  • Upload ramp_slope_fix.smx into your plugins folder.
  • Optionally install DHooks for the view punch hook.

It seems there are still issues on high tickrate servers, but others confirmed it working. Please see if this works for you and post your findings!

Attached Files txt.giframp_slope_fix.games.txt (2.4 KB) sp.gifGet Plugin or Get Source (ramp_slope_fix.sp - 4.6 KB) smx.giframp_slope_fix.smx (6.4 KB)

Pełny artykuł: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301075&goto=newpost

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