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[RSS Pluginy] [CSGO] VipSpawn (1.1.0, 8 September, 2017)

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  • Allow players with VIP Status to respawn themselves mid-match.
  • Convar to set if all players should be able to use vipspawn (Not yet Available)
  • Players can vipspawn even if they joined mid-match as long as they have never respawned that round.
  • Uses Kewaii Library convars to check if player is VIP
  • Possible to choose between vip, mod and admin (Not yet Available)
  • A lot of customizable cvars. Check cfg/sourcemod/kewaii_lib.cfg!
  • Translated to Portuguese and English. If you wish to translate the plugin to any other language you can do so by yourself however if you want to share it with me you are free to PM it to me and I will make sure you will be credited for it ;)
  • Download the kewaii_vipspawn.sp file and drop it into addons/sourcemod/scripting/ (Optional)
  • Download the kewaii_vipspawn.smx file and drop it into addons/sourcemod/plugins/
  • Download the kewaii_vipspawn.phrases.txt file and drop it into addons/sourcemod/translations/

Attached Files sp.gifGet Plugin or Get Source (kewaii_vipspawn.sp - 1.9 KB) txt.gifkewaii_vipspawn.phrases.txt (533 Bytes)

Pełny artykuł: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301113&goto=newpost

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