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[RSS Pluginy] [TF2] Balance Fortress 2 (v1.00, Initial Release)

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Balance Fortress 2
Initial Release, v1.0
  • What does this plugin do?
    • It modifies weapons' stats and functionality to resemble those from the TF2 Blog's "Balance Changes" blog post, minus for some changes that couldn't be coded in (read below). I am aware that, as of the creation of this thread, the Pyro/Jungle Update could hit at any moment, but I thought it would be fun if servers ran most of the suggested changes beforehand so players could get a headstart. In addition, it has some extra features:
      • Players who just joined will get a message after spawning that the server is running weapon modifications based on the aforementioned blog post.
      • Players who use weapons with changes will have a menu displayed for them describing such changes.
      • Players can toggle on and off if they want to see the menu mentioning such changes with /infotoggle, or see the changes done to their loadout at any time using /info.
    • It's also worth noting that dropped weapons disappear, in order to prevent players from picking "outdated" weapons.

Weapon changes that couldn't be done
  • Drinks are unchanged.
  • Ambassador is unchanged.
  • Razorback's shield doesn't regenerate, although the overheal nerf is still applied.
  • Fists of Steel nerfs only apply on wearer, rather than applying if the weapon is active.
  • The Panic Attack doesn't use a fixed pellet spread, although you can enforce fixed weapon spreads on all weapons with the command tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 1.
  • Meter-based changes, like for The Sandman and the Flying Guillotine, couldn't be coded in as well.

  • Server commands:
    • sm_tfbalance_enable (Default: 1) - Enables/Disables the plugin.
    • sm_tfbalance_infoonspawn (Default: 1) - Displays weapons' information on spawn.
  • Console commands (for players):
    • /info | /information | /changes - Displays info for the updated weapons. This displays once for every spawn/resupply and only if the player has a weapon with changes.
    • /infotoggle | /informationtoggle | sm_changestoggle - Toggles info for the updated weapons whenever you spawn. This preference also persists between map changes and rejoins.
  • Installation:
    1. Get the following dependencies and follow their respective install instructions: TF2Items and TF2Attributes (You will also need MoreColors to compile your own version).
    2. Get the plugin by clicking here or get the compiled version (balancemod.smx) from the thread attachments (or if you want to compile the plugin yourself, click "Get Source" of balancemod.sp below)
    3. Drag'n'drop the sourcemod folder from the zip file you downloaded to your server's addons folder.
    4. Done!
v1.00 (Initial Release, September 9th 2017)
- Initial Release
Have fun!

Attached Files sp.gifGet Plugin or Get Source (balancemod.sp - 57.0 KB) smx.gifbalancemod.smx (31.5 KB)

Pełny artykuł: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301144&goto=newpost

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