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[RSS Pluginy] [ANY? / HL2DM] Roleplay mod & Many V3.03.24

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Hello everyone, sorry about there being no description of what the mod inculdes but i will get round to writing a description for all the feature as there are many.

The reason why i've but "ANY?" is because i will eventually port the mod over to css & csgo .

i would also like to add that this plugin is still under construction so there may be bugs.

Advised not to use the car system yet as it is buggy atm but im working to fix this.

GibHub Link

Attached Files zip.gifMasterRP - Part 2.zip (8.59 MB) zip.gifMasterRP - Part 1.zip (872.4 KB) zip.gifMasterRP - Part 3.zip (2.46 MB)

Pełny artykuł: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301177&goto=newpost

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