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name of the banned player: L6

steamID: STEAM_1:0:82744282

reason:  Współpraca z przeciwnikiem

lenght: perm

why I should be unbanned: Because I didnt do nothing. @ZubaR1337 how many times you  miss with me? I remember the time when me,you and JK was playing on fortlego. I challenged JK 2 times with noscope, cuz I remember how he is high skilled, and I know that I havent almost any chance 1v1 him. I gived him ip of this server only cuz he asked me to drop it cuz he wanted warmup. I admit Im not the best player here anymore. Definitelly is JK, definitelly. I didnt know that he will like the server and become top1 in just one day LOL. When I saw 4,50 kdr I was like WTF is this. If somebody dont know JK is legend of pompa server, he end much times on top1, and he is also hard top1 on pompa game tracker Im showing this only cuz some people were saying JK is hacker like @kamil2115 said. Lets get back to topic. I didnt team with him to get damn top1, im already fighting in pompa for top, like him too... I told in one topic here that I would also give my best there, and that I will play here less. Well I also heard that somebody say Im not killing JK cuz Im helping him to get top1?? Guys cmon, you dont know this guy,he can beat and rape us all, all together. Hes got almost 5 kdr and you are talking that im still helping him. And Im not telling him info, why I should? That guy spot 5 people in like 3 secs. I was at  1860 points 2 days ago, and dont tell me that you forget that guys cuz I really was 1860. I was doing same, also warmup, and ofc I lose a lot of points, but yesterday I got very good day, surprisingly good day and I reach 2300+ points(I forgot how much exactly). JK is ignoring me,never answers, he is same like dzagu LOL. Im not helping him cuz thats against rules. And you already know guys that I dont need help to be top1, cuz you remember me from history. Well check this link and visit pompa server just for 1 sec cuz !top... check where iam and where is he... we are top 1 2 3... We are not teaming, we are not even talking. Last time when we talked was when he ask me who is admin here, and I tell him all admins and opiekun of course. Thats all about our communication. Thanks for reading, and I expect unban cuz this is hilarious to ban someone without evidence, without knowing the situation. Thanks again for making me problems like 1003894th time

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1. It's not about you giving him a chance to get top1. He don't need it, he's good. It's about him giving you easy wins. That's first.
2. OK, how you know when you are going to noscope-fight when you are gagged and muted? Via Steam (or TS, I don't care which one). Kamil also says that (it's not hard to believe for me with my knowledge about you) you two probably are teaming to not kill each other too fast, to be last men standing to get 1vs1 fight. Zuba agrees and I believe in that version.
3. He's playing since a week, not 1 day. I saw his play, he's high skilled (not like you with just good knowing the map and using muscle memory btw. [no offence, that's should be neutral, I don't know how to write it neutral way :v]), but when I was on the server he left it after 3-4 rounds after 3-2 deaths. Maybe it's not on purpose, but 3 times in a row means that he can try to avoid lost points. [this point is just for me xD]

4. About your comment in the topic of your ban "Now from my expirience Im waiting you to say something unnecessary in my ub topic and you will close it" if you really want, I can close it. If not, don't write useless things, thank you (btw. I closed immediately your 1 ub topic about ungag and unmute and you know why. Don't make ma as a bad guy, unless it's true and just your "opinion")
5. About your "1003894th time" -> everyone is bad, isn't it? ;) Maybe it's time to think about yourself as a source of this problems :) 


I'm waiting for comments (not "no demos, unban" because it won't convince me) and words from all admins, then I close the topic with verdict.


EDIT: I can give JK UB if he ask for it (it's his first time, I can forgive it), but not you (insults, cheat advertising, trying to show yourself as innocent 1003894 times, now this). We're all tired of all your "problems" you are creating.

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1. we almost never play in same team. And lol man cmon what tha hell you talking? I was on top from summer 2017... until now... but I got it yesterday again... JK wasnt in server. This is true. Check all demos when i played if you dont believe.I have also 2 witnesses, 1 guy from albania and 1 guy from croatia too. And they are active players, they can confirm i was in server without jk and deserved gets top.But you will say that they are my friends, and that I asked them to say that. I know your every step.also this point system is kicking people from server. Killstreak points should be added.

2. steam chat(wanna noscope?ye)Zubar saw us only once. I think he is on wrong decision say we are "probably teaming" Man you cant ban me if you are not many times zubar makes mistakes with decision. Im just realistic, dont wanna fight.Jk got mixed style of playing on fortlego, mixed between me and majdanek... he is mostly on middle buildings(maydanek) and sometimes on small tower(L6) we both was tryharding, thats why we are mostly last man standings, cuz every other people rush and die.

3.Yes, he is good player, but in my opinion he is saving his kdr, not points. Just my opinion.

4.Kk i understand this one... it was like deal to !silence... but this time im not guilty.

5. I wont forget all situations what you have done to me. I will never forgot all this things. You can troll me,but banning is so much obvious. Iknow you hate me,youve got some complex on me... dont argue, everyone knows it, everyone... But ban someone without reason? Welcome to

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