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[RSS Pluginy] [ANY? / CSGO] ExecuteStringCommand Crash Fix

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Firstly, I am not going to say how to reproduce the crash, but most servers which run Sourcemod are currently affected, and the SM dev team does not plan to fix the problem even though it only happens with servers that run Sourcemod.

I am not sure if games like TF2, CSS etc are affected but the fix should work regardless minus the PTAH support.
If you have a CSGO server you can install PTAH for enhanced protection at an even earlier stage.

Optional requirements: PTAH (CSGO only)

Credits to these guys for helping track down the exploit:

Credits to komashchenko for PTAH.

Thanks to Kinsi for helping me test it.

Attached Files sp.gifGet Plugin or Get Source (ExecuteStringCmdCrashFix.sp - 1.5 KB) smx.gifExecuteStringCmdCrashFix.smx (5.0 KB)

Pełny artykuł: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301126&goto=newpost

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